Royal Albert Hall, March 2016

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28th September 2016
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30th September 2016

Royal Albert Hall, March 2016

What a night! Over 2000 Camden school children performed at the Royal Albert Hall and lifted the roof.

Parents and friends of Camden Music were treated to a musical celebration courtesy of the many talented children, musicians and teachers of Camden. The event was hosted by Jon Snow, the newscaster and long-time friend and welcomed our Charity Patron David Walliams who praised and congratulated all the children.

The atmosphere was buzzing and the music dazzling. Highlights included the Age of Enlightenment creating a rainstorm inside the hall, well almost. By simply rubbing, clapping, clicking their hands together, the children created the sounds of wind, rain and thunder. The effect was amazing. Also deserving a special mention, The Richard Cobden School’s very 2016 composition, Unexpected Item In Bagging Area, which offered a futuristic music sound to the evening. These two musical experiences, with others, showcased the diversity, imagination and enthusiasm of our Camden musicians.

With huge thanks to all the children, friends and family, our many donors, our host, Jon Snow and to our Patron David Walliams for making it such a special evening.